Houston, TX Video Production

DL Designs provides video services through its network of award-winning professionals. With this network, we manage your project to completion, including video (video production services and video production editing: commercials, presentations, promotional pieces, etc.), CD/DVD Duplication, videography, photo montages and video to DVD transfers.

Our award-winning video production partners are some of the most skilled in their field in Houston, Miami, and Los Angeles. We recognize that your project is important and we handle all your audio and video needs in a professional, cost effective, and timely manner. Attention to detail, state of the art equipment, premium quality materials, are all hallmarks of this Atlanta Video Production company. We are based in Houston but we can easily serve customers all over the world in most cases. If you need assistance here in Houston / Miami or in another city, just give us a call.   

Paying too much in on-air commercial fees? We have a strategic partner who'd love to help you negotiate down those high rates. You'll be shocked at what they can do for you. Give us a call and we'd be happy to get you in contact with them.


To discuss or receive a quote for your next printing project, please complete the quote form on this page or contact us by phone. 


Our main goal is to make your experience a positive one, regardless if that requires a simple new product launch video or a comprehensive worldwide media campaign.

Comprehensive Pre-Production Services, Including:
    - Scriptwriting
    - Art Direction
    - Location Scouting
    - Shoot Coordination & Logistics
    - Talent Casting (Voice and On-Screen)
    - Legal Assistance (Release Forms, Etc.)

* Comprehensive Production Services, Including:
    - Award-Winning High Definition or 4K Cinematic Filming
    - Aerial Filming (Helicopters/Planes)
    - Multi-Camera Shoots
    - Voice-Over Recordings
    - Dedicated Lighting Technicians
    - Dedicated Audio Engineers
    - Make-Up Artists
    - Specialized Equipment (Jibs, Dollies, Etc.)

* Comprehensive Post-Production Services, Including:
    - Video Editing
    - Color Grading
    - 2D/3D Animation
    - Illustration
    - Photo Retouching
    - Video Streaming Solutions


To learn more about our Film/Video Services, contact us at 281-797-8526!