Facebook Fan Tab Design

facebook marketingWith over 500 million users, Facebook is becoming the most popular social network to date! In an era where newer and better is days away, you need to keep it fresh and appealing…always! Facebook is a haven for the world’s population! People love to support their interests and favorites in life and Facebook allows them to do so.

You have free advertising just waiting to be tapped by millions of viewers. DL Designs is here to make sure you are a cut above the rest and are not just a cookie cutter of everything else. Our custom Facebook designs are guaranteed to be original and eyecatching. You will grab the viewer right from the start. Our Facebook designers also pay very close attention to detail to make sure your page loads up as quickly as possible and is guaranteed to work across all four major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, & Safari). We also offer FREE image hosting with all of our Facebook designs.

With your custom Facebook page design, you can have:

· “Reveal” Page – encourages viewers to “like” your page!
· Mini-Navigation within Tab Design
· Video Player and Music Player
· Newsletter/Email Sign Up
· Shows & News
· Mailing Lists and Banners
· Links and Widgets
· Forms
· Custom Profile Picture

Check out our FB packages:

Standard Facebook tab design – includes design, code, and implementation of one Facebook tab. Includes video, photos, information, links.
example: HighHeelJunkie Facebook


Advanced Facebook tab design with reveal – includes design, code, and implementation of one Facebook tab with a “reveal” tab for viewers, encouraging them to click “like”. This allows for information, video, coupon, etc to be kept hidden until the viewer has liked your page. Includes video, photos, information, and links.
example: LifeAboveLimits Facebook



Premium Facebook tab design with mini-navigation – includes design, code, and implementation of one Facebook tab with mini-navigation of two additional pages within the tab. This design provides a mini-website for your viewers and allows them to look at all of your information under one tab! example: SecurityGuardExchange Facebook